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The Return: CoH Prayer Devotions

What is "The Return"?  It's our fall 2020 focus on prayer! Click HERE to see the introduction video explaining the project. Click HERE to be directed to The Return world-wide movement website. Friday, September 18 - Day 1: Koko Reyes // Personal Confession Click HERE for Day 1 video. Before we begin praying for others we come to the Lord and ask forgiveness for our own behaviors that separate us from accepting His gracious forgiveness. Read 1 John 1:8 before you pray. Saturday, September 19 - Day 2: Dottie Cook // Family Confession Click HERE for Day 2 video. We ask forgiveness for our parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse, children, grandchildren because we love them. Read Job 1:4-5. Sunday, September 20 - Day 3: Jackie Foltz // Forgiveness, School mates, Co-workers Click HERE for Day 3 video. We seek forgiveness for all the people that we know, our friends, neighbors, co-workers, and school mates. Read Matthew 5:46-48. Monday, September 21 - Day 4: Caleb Foss // Church Family Click HERE for Day 4 video. Pray for the people with whom you worship and call brothers and sisters in the Lord. Read Ephesians 6:18. Tuesday, September 22 - Day 5: Jim Clutts // Church Leadership & Staff Click HERE for Day 5 video. Pray for Sunday School Teachers, Youth leaders, church staff, Council, Community Group and Small Group leaders and all that actively lead our church family. Wednesday, September 23 - Day 6: Pastor John Foss // Christians & All Churches Click HERE for Day 6 video. Pray for all church families that they may proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and live out their faith in unity. Read John 17:20-23. Thursday, September 24 - Day 7: Ray Cook // Military & 1st Responders  Click HERE for Day 7 video. Pray for those who protect us and come to our aid in our emergencies. Read Romans 13:1. Friday, September 25 - Day 8: Henry Phillips // Community & State Click HERE for Day 8 video. “Jesus, we repent and ask you to forgive us for not being kind to all our neighbors, especially those who are ignored so often by society and not as fortunate as we are. Help us to see practical ways in which we can help the individuals that we meet, especially in friendship and acceptance as equals. Amen.” Saturday, September 26 - Day 9: Tania Phillips // Our Nation & the World Click HERE for Day 9 video. Pray for all the nations that we will all turn to the God of creation and salvation for all peoples. Pray for God to forgive and bless America. Sunday, September 27 - Day 10: Pastor Gary // Christians Globally  Click HERE for Day 10 video. Pray for the persecuted church for the family of God throughout the world that they would know God and come to love the God that forgives and calls all people to Himself. Sunday, September 27 - Pastor John's Worship Service focused on The Return Click HERE to watch the sermon video. Click HERE to outdoor worship service sin burning video. Follow Up Videos:  Click HERE to watch follow up video #1 - posted Monday, October 5, 2020. Click HERE to watch follow up video #2 - posted Thursday, October 15, 2020. Email or for more information.

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